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Additional material

As a final supplement, we offer additional material, that will shed light about some aspects of the Blaverist phenomenon. Moreover, we will bring some interesting documents in order to understand this phenomenon.

First of all, we will publish a list of misinformations that are used by the Blaverist. Secondly, we bring an interesting summary, where the link between Blaverism and the Fallas (traditional Valencian festivity that takes place in March) can be clearly seen. Unfortunately this summary arrives only to the beginning of the 90s of the XXth century, but it can show a quite comprehensive idea of the link of both movements during the Spanish transition. Thirdly we provide a quite valuable excerpt of Vicent Bello's La Pesta Blava (The Blue Plague), about the relationship between Blaverism and València C.F. during the 80's of the XXth century. Fourthly, we provide a text about the nearly accomplished disappearence of the Catalan language in the area of Graus (East Aragon), in the borough of Ribagorza (Western Strip of Aragon), owing to a progressive Castilization, and we think about this possibility in the Valencian Country, if linguistic secessionism once had success. Fifhtly, we bring an interesting linguistic research, based on the Blaverists' texts that can be found in the internet. In this research the present Blaverist ortographical and grammatical disorder is shown, even though the ''Normes del Puig' (secessionist ortographical norms) allegedly tries to unify the so-called Valencian language.

Afterwards we provide several valuable PDF documents. In our website there is a document section, and it is just a selection. First of all, we provide outstanding documents about the Blaverist and fascist violence in the Valencian country during the Spanish transition. They belong to several issues of the review "Valencia Semanal" from the end of 1978 and 1979. Secondly, we provide a wonderful report about the nationalist Aplec (meeting) that took place in Valencia on October 9, 1978. The direct testimony of the nationalist activity during those years and the direct proof of the bomb that the fascists allegedly put in that meeting gives this document an outstanding value. Thirdly, we provide another excellent document. It is a joint statement made by distinguished Valencian (such as Cardinal Tarancón) and Spanish (such as Literature Nobel Prizes Vicente Aleixandre or Camilo José Cela) public figures against the emerging Valencian linguistic secessionism at the beginning of the Spanish transition. We offer also interesting texts in French and German language about the basic ideas and notions about the language and culture of the Catalan Countries. Finally, we offer the proposed lyrics for La Muixeranga (Valencian nationalist anthem) written in 1979.

In our website there is also a small section of digital books. In this introduction we offer, again, just a selection. First of all, we provide two literary treasures in PDF: Joan Fuster's Nosaltres els Valencians (We, the Valencians); and the first known Anticatalanist writing, even though it is written with full respect towards Catalonia and the Catalanists, unlike the others: Josep Maria Bayarri's El Perill Català (The Catalan Danger). These two books represent, so to speak, the two extreme positions as to the belonging (or not belonging) of Valencians to the Catalanic Community, as it was called during the 50's and 60's of the XXth century by the later Anticatalanists Xavier Casp and Miquel Adlert. Our aim is to be objective and not to impose our ideology to the reader, and therefore we put both books together, so that the reader examines them and take his or her own conclusions. In order to fulfill this aim, we reproduce El Perill Català with the original ortography in which it was written. We add also a short opuscule from Joan Fuster, Qüestió de noms (A Matter of Names), which is also a classical writing regarding the Valencian national identity. We provide also a quite documented book in order to know the beginnings of Blaverism and also the Blaverism of the 80's of the XXth century: Vicent Bello's La pesta blava (The Blue Plague). Finally, we provide another literary and documentary treasure: Pere Maria Orts' ''Història de la senyera al País Valencià" (History of the Flag of the Valencian Country). Orts was a heraldry and vexillology expert, and in this full documented work he proves that the four-stripped symbol is the oldest and historical one of the ancient Kingdom of Valencia.

We have finally added some interesting multimedia material. First of all we provide the outstanding documentary "Del Roig al Blau" (From Red to Blue), which offers a quite comprehensive view of the Spanish transition in the Valencian Country. Secondly, and regarding the Blaverist violence, we offer a video of the storming made by a mob of 50 retired people and 10 teenagers in the lobby of the Law Faculty of the University of Valencia that took place on May 23, 2006. Thirdly, there is an interview to Joan Fuster from 1977, in which all his genious and lucidity appears clearly, and in which he makes interesting and nowadays valid reflections about the Valencian Country and the newly born Blaverism in that year. About Joan Fuster we provide also a wonderful documentary entitled Ser Joan Fuster (To Be Joan Fuster), which offers a comprehensive view about his life and works, with journalistic research and testimonies of people who knew Fuster directly. We add also an interesting documentary made by the Catalan TV (TV3) during the 90's of the XXth century about that time's Catalan-Valencian relationship, and also that time's Blaverism. Finally, we provide a very good documentary about the battle of Almansa (April 25, 1707), which was so significant for the Valencian country.

In the near future, we hope to add more additional material, which is always so useful and necessary.

Documents in PDF (selection):

Digital books (selection):

All the documents in PDF in this link

All the digital books in PDF in this link

Multimedia additional material:

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