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Emilio Attard

Emilio Attard
Emilio Attard

Emilio Attard (València 1915-Rocafort [Horta Nord] 1997) came from a rich family in the city of València, of foreign origin. Banker, landowner, lawyer and man of the Valencian upper class in short. It is true that his participation in anti-Catalanism was due, as we have pointed out, to the instigation of Fernando Abril Martorell. But this man, in short, defended the interests of the upper class of the city of València, among which there was, of course, the despise its own Catalan language and not having to make any effort to learn it.

Strong man of the UCD first, and afterwards of the Valencian right in general, he served the anti-Catalan cause in the Valencian Country first as an ideologue, and later as a political activist and in the local press (in Las Provincias to be exact). He is said to have been the "creator" of the term (which no one likes) "Valencian Community". He also used to compare in his articles the supposed expansion of Catalonia through the Valencian Country with the Anschluß, through which Austria was integrated into Nazi Germany [forgetting to say, however, that this Anschluß was voted by 99% of the Austrian population]. This unfortunate comparison, in any case, may have been the origin of another Blaverist cliché: the accusation that Catalanists are "Nazis".

He died in 1997 of natural causes. In this chronicle published after his death, although quite laudatory for him, as these chronicles usually are (obviously his participation in the birth of anti-Catalanism in the Valencian Country is not mentioned), we can find .

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