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This website is dedicated, on one hand, to all Valencians who over the years have - with good faith - accepted a number of Blaverist manipulations and half-truths. On the other hand, it is addressed to all young Valencians who have not experienced the phenomenon of Blaverism and therefore do not know it well. Moreover by reading this website, they will be able to see what has happened in the Valencian Country during a period of 35 years more or less (1977-2011). The country's media and many important people in general, not to mention the political class, have been incredibly silent and have done nothing against the bad aspects of this movement.

It is also worth mentioning that, besides the free and casual collaboration of two prestigious university professors (the Frenchman Franck Martin and the German Hans-Ingo Radatz), this project is strictly Valencian and has not received any subsidies from any entity. It is a project created by Valencians, who love their land and do not hate any other one, and who do not want that what has happened during this period of almost 40 years happens again. We kindly invite you to take a look at our site and to spread the word about it if you feel that this website has been instructive. There is a contact section where you cand send us your comments, give us your thanks, criticisms, etc. anytime. You can also write to us at any of the contact emails of the website: / For general contact. If you want to send us any photos or generally any type of documents (preferably in PDF). If you want to send us any information that you think that should be confidential.


Sobre Maria Abradelo

Benvolguts amics: No volíem respondre, però els fets ens obliguen. ...

L'equip d'antiblavers vos desitja un bon any 2022

Benvolguts amics: L'equip d'antiblavers ( i aprofita aquestes dates, com cada any, per a desitjar-vos una bona entrada d'any 2022. ...

Pere Riutort i Mestre (1935- † 2021). In Memoriam

Benvolguts amics: Just fa aproximadament un mes, el passat 21 de novembre faltà en Tàrbena (Marina Baixa), en Pere Riutort i Mestre. ...

L'equip d'antiblavers vos desitja un bon Nadal

Benvolguts amics: L'equip de i aprofita aquestes dates, com cada any, per a desitjar-vos un bon Nadal. ...

La derrota definitiva del GAV

Benvolguts amics: En una data indeterminada, un membre dels nostre equip aconseguí una fita històrica. I és que entrà a la seu històrica del GAV en Russafa. ...


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